Weavers Workshops - Half Day Marrakech, Morocco

Weavers Workshops - Half Day Marrakech, Morocco


Discover the truth behind Moroccan rugs as we take you on a journey through the women weavers and secret rug cooperatives.

with the increase and popularity of Moroccan interiors, especially Moroccan rugs, we forget to ask ‘how are these creations made’ there is an untold story that gets left behind when you see all these beautiful rugs in an Aladdin like cave.

We have a mission to remove this secrecy and bring the women weavers to light. Allowing you to learn and consume directly from the designers, artisans and nurturers of this incredible craft.

When: book dates below

What: rug workshop, transfers and lunch included

Time: at 10am

Price: 100 USD each per person

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