'Beldi Sunset' Vintage Beni Ourain Rug

'Beldi Sunset' Vintage Beni Ourain Rug


Our Authentic Beni Rugs are traditionally hand loomed by berber women in the M’guild region of Morocco. This rug dates back centuries with its unique colour way and intricate weavings.

This deep pile rug is woven using a naturally soft and thick sheep's wool making for a super luxurious feeling underfoot. This rug is great condition, is cleaned before shipment and is one of a kind.

Material: 100% Wool

Colour: Natural Wool, Peach, faded pink, Brown and Cream

Approx size 310cm x 210cm

Please note: Due to the traditional handmade nature of this item, and unlike mass produced items, shapes are not always totally uniform. Any imperfections are simply signatures of their maker and only add to the natural charm to each and every piece.

Care: Our rugs are all hand-knotted using 100% sheep wool. We want you to enjoy your rug for as long as possible. It is normal for it to shed some fluff, which can be removed by brushing it or using a vacuum with suction. Air it outside regularly and shake it in order to get rid of dust and dirt. In case of spills, clean them up immediately using water and a soft brush. To clean it thoroughly, we advise you to bring it to a dry cleaner or carpet cleaner.

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