'Moonlight' Tassel Blanket

'Moonlight' Tassel Blanket

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Our bespoke tassel blankets are unlike any other, hand loomed with the finest cotton our blankets are traditionally made. Intricate detailing by skilled artisans with quality and care.

Our tassel blankets are unlike the regular pom pom blankets as they have long braided detail and the cotton tassels are bigger in size. This design is more luxurious, cosy and makes a statement in any home.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: 300cm x 200cm

Colour: grey and cream

Care: We want you to enjoy your blanket for as long as possible. If needed, use water and a sponge to remove any stains immediately. It is safe to clean in the washing machine, preferably on a delicate setting and the wrong way round. The colours are naturally dyed but they will not run or bleed.

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