Light Grey Lumbar Sabra Pillow

Light Grey Lumbar Sabra Pillow

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Our authentic Sabra pillows also known as Cactus Silk pillows because of the material in which it is created. Sabra Pillows are made from organic agave cactus and the silk is produced from the fibres They are then dyed naturally using botanical dyes. Each sabra pillow is handmade and embroiled with berber symbols usually for protection, abundance or love.

Material: Cactus Silk

Colour: Light Grey

Detail: with fringe detailing ( exclusive to us )

Approx size 65cm x 35cm

Please note: Due to the traditional handmade nature of this item, and unlike mass produced items, shapes are not always totally uniform. Any imperfections are simply signatures of their maker and only add to the natural charm to each and every piece.

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