the love story so far...

Based in London and Marrakech with our duo design and curation team, Amy Elad and Badr Echariti.

Badr, Marrakech born and raised with over 20 years’ experience in Moroccan design, luxury vintage décor, craftsmanship and international sales. Amy, London born and bred with a love and interest for Morocco’s never-ending creativity.  

Whilst Amy studied and lived in Marrakesh for the last 4 years, she was enamored and infatuated with Moroccan architecture, culture, weavers and designers that she was lucky to find and gain long term relationships with. Amy was able to start a career in interior design turning her passion into a profit, using her upbringing from the West and combining her new found knowledge of the East, she created a fusion that the international market continue to cherish her for.  

Laith & Leila is your go to friend for the best vintage and new handmade décor that every home, commercial space, event or retailer need but can’t seem to find. We eliminate the stress of the Moroccan souks whether its language barriers, aggressive shop owners or just no time to simply search for the perfect piece you have been lusting for – We deal with all of that whilst you sit back and relax.  



Quality is Key

everything we sell at LAITH & LEILA is handmade by the amazingly talented artisans in Morocco. Working together  for over 4 years we learned that quality is key! 

We are reliable, trustworthy, honest and take care of every fine detail to make sure we have a long lasting relationship with our clients.


Culture & Products

at LAITH & LEILA we pride ourselves in fair trade and ethical sustainability. We work with artisans in Morocco who love their tradition and culture and enjoy making the beautiful treasures that will forever continue to make us happy.

Paying it Forward 

10% of our proceeds go to a small cooperation in a Berber village of Marrakech for the sweet children.

Each purchase improves lives and sustains culture.