the love story so far...


LAITH & LEILA is a modern-bohemian home décor and lifestyle brand,  inspired by our wanderlust adventures, vintage Moroccan treasures and our carefree upbringing.

The label began when Amy found herself in the land of God, Marrakech; far away from her childhood in London. She was infatuated with the beauty, the charm of the city and how it invigorated all her senses. When she met her husband in the magical winding streets, they couldn't help but embark on a life long adventure together.

With the names LAITH & LEILA reserved for their future babies, they couldn't help but incorporate the juxtaposing of the toughness of a lion (Laith) and the tenderness of the night (Leila) together to represent who they are as a couple but also their brand.

Inspired by all, Amy and Badr embarked on curating the finest things, unlocking some of the best kept secrets in interiors and soft furnishings and offering to those that shared a love of the Magic that Morocco has to offer. Curating turned to being commissioned to design and style new homes, hotels and creative spaces around the world.

They cant wait to share more with you, to showcase their creativity and love for all things texture, colour and design.


We are passionate about our small business and even though we haven't been doing it for the longest time we eat, sleep and breathe interior styling, textiles and discovering the most beautiful treasures.

For the last 3 years we have seen so many amazing brands and other businesses evolve into selling Moroccan charms as there is so much to go around and we know there is such a huge collection to choose from but we hope that you see something in LAITH & LEILA that makes you choose us.

We love everything we do and even though having our own business has so many ups and just as many downs: we are so happy and feel so grateful for having this opportunity that keeps on growing.



Quality vs Quantity

everything we sell at LAITH & LEILA is handmade by the amazingly talented artisans in Morocco. Working together  for over 3 years we learned that quality is over quantity. So here at L&L we don't have a lot of stock but each piece we sell is of the highest and finest quality that you all deserve.


Culture and Products

at LAITH & LEILA we pride ourselves in fair trade and ethical sustainability. We work with artisans in Morocco who love their tradition and culture and enjoy making the beautiful treasures that will forever continue to make us happy.

Giving Back

10% of our proceeds go to a small cooperation in a Berber village of Marrakech for the sweet children.

Each purchase improves lives and sustains culture.